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On December 22, 2016 we were able to publish an ad in the local paper, the Lake Worth Tribune. The ad contained the Three Angels’ Message and was sent to over 22,500 homes in the city of Lake Worth and surrounding areas. This was a wonderful opportunity to get the message out to our local area.

Please keep us in prayer as we have plans on taking this final warning message to all of South Florida and beyond. This method of evangelism is one that is ordain by God Himself. Notice this inspiring statement found in the book Evangelism page 129.

“Men will misrepresent the doctrines we believe and teach as Bible truth, and it is necessary that wise plans should be laid to secure the privilege of inserting articles into the secular papers; for this will be a means of awakening souls to see the truth. God will raise up men who will be qualified to sow beside all waters. God has given great light upon important truths, and it must come to the world.”

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