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“God has given us light in regard to the things that are now taking place in the last remnant of time,
and with pen and voice we are to proclaim the truth to the world, not in a tame, spiritless way, but in
demonstration of the Spirit and power of God” (Evangelism, 121).
For the glory of God Zion’s Watchmen Free SDA Church has been distributing the truth throughout our local community. We are living in a time of earth’s history that demands that the final warning message reach the people where they are. We are told that this work is being neglected:

“The lost sheep of God’s fold are scattered in every place, and the work that should be done for them is being neglected.” (Colporteur Ministry, 25).

There are truth seekers out there that are waiting for an opportunity to hear the final invitation of mercy. We are also told that these lost sheep will never of themselves find they way, we need to seek them out:

“A lost sheep never finds its way back to the fold of itself. If it is not sought for and saved by the watchful shepherd, it wanders until it perishes.” (Lift Him Up, 212).

We are to go out and find them and bring them the good tidings of God’s love and plan for their lives. Again, we are told to go out and hunt for the lost souls in our neighborhood.

“The poor, straying, lost sheep are to be hunted up, and brought back to the fold. They are to be cared for, strengthened, and encouraged.” (Signs of the Times,  January 6, 1887).

We are grateful for the opportunities to share the everlasting gospel of the Three Angels’ Message. If you would like to help in this effort, come and join us every Sabbath, as we all labor together to finish God’s work.

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