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We are so very grateful to have Pastor Jan Marcussen come and visit us at Zion’s Watchmen Free SDA Church. We were inspired and motivated by his presentations to work for God and to get ready for Christ’s soon return. Pastor Marcussen presented messages on the “Power of God” and news about the “National Sunday Law.”


Pastor Jan Marcussen also brought cases of his book National Sunday Law so that the brethren could distribute these books throughout the community. This book contains the Three Angel’s Message of Revelation 14:6-8 and also warns against the enforcement of a Sunday law as the mark of the beast.


We are grateful to all those who came and visited with us. Thank you so much for worshiping with us in spirit and in truth. We consider your presence a blessing from God. Do not hesitate to visit us every Sabbath.


We ask you to pray for Pastor Jan Marcussen and for the work he is doing for the Lord. Keep your eyes open for  his soon return to South Florida. Check our website for future guest speaker announcements as they become available. This was a powerful gathering of prayer, worship, Bible study and dedication for reaching the community with God’s last warning message.

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