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The Great Controversy is an international best seller, a fascinating book and a must read that describes exactly what we are seeing today. Our world has become a very frightening place, indeed! This book identifies exactly why our world is being plagued by violence, terrorism and war in these last days. The Great Controversy explains the truth of the Three Angels’ Messages and exposes Satan’s masterpiece of deception. These truths will set souls free because it is only by understanding the dangers today that we can have any hope in avoiding them. There are many books that are dedicated to exposing the occult, the Illuminati, the New World Order and other secret societies. Sadly, there is so much misinformation that few people properly identify who is the key player behind Satan’s New World Order. This book is dedicated to identifying those who are conspiring to establish tyranny and terror throughout the world in an attempt to keep the masses deceived in a false security. The end will come as an overwhelming surprise upon those who are caught up in the final world-wide apostasy that is in operation to divert the world from God’s plan of salvation.

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